How Do I Select My Seat on United Airlines?

With the help of United Airlines seat selection, you can choose your seats as part of the reservation process. Several variables, including the type of ticket you have booked, the route you are taking, and the kind of aircraft you will be flying on, might affect the availability and cost of seat selection. This is all the information you require on United Airlines’ policy on seat selection. The flyers enjoy their journey with United in terms of services, affordability, and comfort.

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

When you book your desired seat, it saves you both time and effort. Flyers are away from the stress of random seat booking, and also they get to sit with their companions. Just like any other airline, passengers need to follow the seat selection in order to choose their respective seats on board. You can choose an aisle or window seat, whatever you wish, as per choice and the availability of seats.

  • The seats are assigned directly to the passengers who don’t opt for a preferred seat at the time of booking.
  • You can choose the preferred seat when making the booking for selecting the seat or later for a fee for seat selection which completely depends upon the selected one.
  • Passengers who travel in the higher business class or standard economy can choose the seat for free among the ones which are empty.

Seat Selection United Airlines: How to Do it?

On making a booking with United Airlines, select the seat with the help of the following procedure and make your journey a comfortable experience.

  • Through your preferred web browser, open United Airlines booking official website.
  • Tap on the ‘My Trips’ tab.
  • Log in to access the ‘United Manage Booking’ option.
  • As the seat map loads, choose any seat except for the ones that are in gray color.
  • Gray indicates an already taken one, so choose the ones that are white or other colors.
  • White-colored seats have no extra charges, whereas United Airlines charge for seat selection of blue and orange colors.
  • Hover over the seat that you want to take; there will be a pop-up that displays the seat details and charges included.
  • Choose seats for all the passengers for your booking. After choosing one, the cursor will automatically move to the next one.
  • Once done with the selection, move to the next flight button to choose the connecting flights and return flights too.
  • Go to ‘Continue.’
  • Cross-check the flying details on the following page and mention the email address to get the confirmation.
  • Pay for the seat selection and print the page for record.

Bear in mind that if you want to change the United Airlines booking seat, you can do that for all the fares except for the economy cabin seats. Choose the economy seat while you book or directly call the airline. If a passenger is looking for the cancelation (s)he cannot get reimbursed for add-on services booking. Provided that seat selection is an added service, the passengers tend to get the refund and complete information regarding that under the United Airlines refund policy.

How Do I Change My Seat on United Airlines?

The seating policy offers all the fare classes excluding the basic economy fares, to make changes in the seat selection anytime after the booking till the opening of the check-in window.

Scroll to Manage Reservations to pick or change your seat after buying the ticket(s). However, there are some seats available even at the time of check-in too.

Here we have the steps on how you can change the seats on United Airlines.

  • Move to the official website.
  • Go to the My Trips option on the home page.
  • Enter the details, such as name and confirmation number, to recognize the ticket among the reserved flight list.
  • Cross-check the rest of the details and pick ‘Change my seating arrangement.’
  • Go through the seating map and pick your seat by switching it with the previously selected seat.
  • If your new seat costs you more, you need to pay for it; however, if it costs lesser, there is no change of the seat.
  • Confirm the seat and make the payment online as per the United Airlines seat selection.

If you don’t have a desktop, you can also get it changed through the United Airlines app or call on the toll-free phone number directly. You can also call UnitedFlyTrip travel experts to take help regarding seat or flight booking.

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How Do I Select My Seat on United Airlines?
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