How to Book Group Travel on United Airlines?

It’s fun when you travel in a group. But with United Airlines group travel, the fun comes with comfort and a better-organized trip with better airfares.

You can choose to book a group flight with United Airlines if you are traveling with ten or more passengers. If you make a reservation with United Airlines, you will receive special prices and additional services for group travel. You must look further and gather the information if you want to learn more about a united airlines group booking. You must submit an online group request and set your own price based on the location and the expected number of passengers. United Airlines always tries to offer the best deal available for a trip that is affordable.

Advantages of Booking a Group Travel with United Airlines

If you are considering flying in groups, United Airlines group flights are the best option to think of. You can travel in a group of ten members or more and receive preferential treatment in terms of both pricing and service. Here we have the benefits of traveling in groups with United.

Special pricing for your group

Use a guaranteed fare when flying United Airlines if there are ten or more persons going to the same place on the same aircraft.

Your group is handled with care

Apart from saving money through United Airlines booking when traveling in a group, you also get below mentioned services:

  • Get a group coordinator to assist your group at the airport, which are generally not available at every airport
  • You get a priority check-in
  • A set price for the group

Check-in and boarding lane is Separate

United Airlines has a dedicated lane for easy check-in and boarding for group passengers. In addition, you will receive a unique seat location on the plane for your party.

Earn huge points

Besides the United Airlines group discount, you will earn the most points you can on the subsequent trip once you have made the group travel reservations. Before the trip, you can also manage your group reservation or request special assistance by calling customer care.

United Airlines: Steps to Book Group Travel

You need to complete the online form once you are aware of all the advantages of group travel. In order to purchase a group ticket on United Airlines, continue reading:

  • You must first go to the official website of United Airlines on any search engine on your smartphone.
  • You must next move on to the United Group Online option, which is shown under the Travel Information tab.
  • You will then receive the contact form for group travel, which you must complete and provide a price quote for.
  • You must fill out the form with the passenger’s travel contact information in order for United Airlines to link the reservation.
  • Following that, you must type the requested price and complete the group information.

Moreover, you can enter any special travel requirements and then submit your information. Within two working days of the form being properly submitted, you will receive a response by mail. At the time of booking, all group reservations will be offered based on space.
In addition to the aforementioned information, you can contact the United Airlines customer support department or read further to know in detail.

How to Contact United for Group Travel Inquiries?

Use the contact details provided below to get in touch with United if you have any questions or comments about the travel services it offers to group travel organizers. Before contacting this website, do check out the United Groups area.

You can contact United Airlines group travel phone number 1-800-426-1122 from Monday through Friday from 7.00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

How to Add the Group Passengers’ Details to an Existing Booking?

To fill in the group details, passengers must visit the following page.

On this page, add the travelers’ information to the currently booked tickets. If information is not currently accessible for any passengers, it may be updated at a later time through this page. Enter the Group Name and Record Locator. Then fill in the needed details. When you submit the form, a representative will call to confirm your reservation and provide you with a unique confirmation number for each traveler.

If your group is traveling with extra baggage, such as musical instruments or sporting goods, please call United Airlines Group Flights assistance at 1-800-426-1122 (or the local reservations office in your nation or region). This enables us to coordinate with the airport and inform you of any excess baggage fees. For further information on size restrictions and service fees, please visit United’s Baggage Information page.


United Airlines are the best when it comes to booking a flight for group travel. No doubt solo travel is for finding your soul, but group travel is for finding peace. Enjoy the excursion with your group.

How to Book Group Travel on United Airlines?
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