Fly with your Pets: United Airlines Pet Travel Policy!

Have you ever considered flying with your dogs or cats on United Airlines? If yes, you would be glad to hear that the airline allows you to make pet reservations as per United Airlines pet policy. You have to stay tuned with us till the end to know how to get it done with ease.

United Airlines only allows a single pet carrier/crate on the condition that pets can easily move around the carrier, lie down, and stand up throughout the whole trip. And the airline allows customers to fly with up to two pets during the trip. If you are worried about making reservations with your cats and dogs, look at this post.

Can You Fly with Your Pets on United Airlines?

Yes, you can fly with your dogs, household birds, rabbits, and cats on United Airlines. However, ensure to bring a different carrier for each pet. The airline allows you to bring up to two pets while flying on United. Also, you have to buy two additional seats if you are flying with two pets. Now, you should continue reading to discover the pet reservation policy and process.

An Overview of United Airlines Pet Travel Policy!

The first thing is to ensure that flying with in-cabin pets is only permitted for dogs and cats when space is available. It is mandatory to check the pet travel policy before making reservations with your pets. Since the requirements, restrictions, and cost of traveling with pets will be based on which cabin you choose during reservation. Below, we will discuss everything you might be searching for.

According to the United pet policy, only a few pets are allowed to travel with the airline; that is as follows.

  • In the cabin
  • Cargo pets
  • In the checked baggage (only allowed for military people)

United Airlines in cabin Pet Policy

Let’s review the United pet in-cabin policy for pets, which only applies on flights operated by United Express and United Airlines.

  • Pets must be four months old to fly on international flights, according to the United Airlines pet policy international flights.
  • A United Airlines pet carrier must be at most 15.5in x 12in x 7.5in (Hard-side carrier), and the size for a soft-side carrier must be 18in x 11in x 11in.
  • As per the in-cabin policy, you may book flight tickets with your dogs, cats, rabbits, and small household birds on U.S. flights except Hawaii.
  • The age of pets must be two months old for domestic flights.

United Airlines Pet Policy for Cargo Pets

You can use the PetSafe Program to arrange flights for your dogs if they are too big to go in the cabin. In this program, pets fly under the cargo hold section. Let’s learn more about United Airlines pet travel policy.

  • According to the United Airlines animal policy, two pets (six months older) of the same species can travel in the same carrier.
  • The airline only permits cats and dogs as cargo pets.
  • For your pet to travel as cargo within Puerto Rico and the United States, it must be 8–10 weeks old. Additionally, animals entering the United States must be 16 weeks old.

Do you have further queries about United Airlines flying with pets? Then, it would help if you associated with one of the airline representatives. They will guide you through the same.

How Do You Make Reservations with Pets on United Airlines?

Are you indeed flying with pets on United Airlines? Then, follow the information below to learn how to make pet reservations with the same airline. United gives you two ways to book tickets along with pets. You can make a reservation only when the pet is trained enough to sit under the seat in front of you during the trip.

Let’s start knowing the exact booking process for pets traveling with United.

Online Method

  • Initially, you have to access the airline’s official website to start making pet reservations.
  • Go to the “Traveling with Pets” page on this site.
  • Find the “Booking Pet Tickets” on this page.
  • Enter all the required details on the next page.
  • Next, you will see the option to travel with pets. Click on it to add your pet.
  • Complete the other ongoing formalities and make the payment to confirm the booking.
  • Finally, the airline will send you a pet reservation confirmation mail.

This way, United Airlines flights can quickly be reserved with pets. If you have previously booked a flight with United, you may also add a pet after the booking as per the United Airlines dog policy.

Offline Method

  • To book a United flight with a pet, you need to dial the United Airlines customer service number.
  • Now, wait until the call connects with someone at United Airlines.
  • When the call is picked up, you may request them to reserve a flight with a pet.
  • To make the reservation, you have to share all the mandatory information with the live person or travel agent.
  • At last, you will be asked to make the payment, and you are done.

In this way, passengers can easily book their United flight and their pets. If you have any additional queries, getting help from an airline agent is suggested.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel with Pets on United Airlines?

Now, you might be bothered about the traveling cost of pets on United. You have reached the right place if you are also looking for the same information. Get through the following list to know the pet travel cost.

  • United Airlines pet cargo fee will be based on the flight route. For this, you should connect with an airline travel agent.
  • And you have to pay USD 125 for a pet in the cabin at check-in or during reservation.

Buy United Airlines flight tickets and bring your furry friend on the flight without any hassle. With this great airline, you will have a smooth experience with your fur buddies.

Fly with your Pets: United Airlines Pet Travel Policy!
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