How Do I Change Name On United Airlines Flight Ticket?

To err is to be human! Did you make a mistake while booking your tickets with United Airlines? Well, that’s not an issue. United Airlines has laid down a flexible policy for making the name change a seamless process for travelers. This Airline allows you to change the name in just a few clicks.

Each traveler must have information on the United Airlines name change policy to complete this procedure in a hassle-free manner. Go ahead and read the guide and find out detailed information on the policy and other details associated with the name change at United Airlines.

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The policy of United name change

Before an individual requests a name change, they must be aware of the terms and conditions associated with it. Furthermore, this allows flyers to complete this procedure without any misunderstandings. It is important that people abide by the policy of United Airlines name change.

Continue reading the points below and know about this policy-

  • Firstly, United Airlines lets individuals change their names in situations like marriage, divorce, and mistakes made while confirming your booking.
  • In order to change the name, it is necessary that the flight was operated by United Airlines. The name change request will be accepted only for the United airline’s segments.
  • Furthermore, the ticket inventory should start with the code 016.
  • Once the check-in process is done, the Airline will not allow one to make any changes to the name.
  • Moreover, the Airline allows only one ticket reissue for correcting the name of your United ticket.
  • As per the United Airlines name change policy, no traveler is eligible to change their date of birth and gender.
  • At the time of travel, the individuals can make only minor modifications to the ticket. However, the ticketed name should match the government-issued ID.
  • Lastly, the traveler should request a name change at least 2 weeks in advance.

What changes are allowed without documentation?

United Airlines allows travelers to make some changes in the name, which does not need any documentation.

As per the United name change policy, here are the small changes one can make in the name even if they don’t provide the documents-

  • Correcting the spelling of the first name of the flyer
  • Correcting the spelling of the last name of the flyer
  • Change the name to or from the nickname
  • Correct and change the title or the prefix (for example- Ms. To Miss, Ms. To Dr., etc.)

How to complete the United name change on the ticket?

These airlines make sure that their flyers do not have to follow any complicated or lengthy process for name change.

The individuals can rely on any of the ways mentioned below to change the name. Furthermore, there are multiple options using which people can rectify their names.

Get to know about these and use the one that’s best for you and complete the United name change with ease.

Method 1- Through phone call

The flyers can get in touch with the team of United Airlines via phone call. On the official website of the Airline, the contact information is available. Furthermore, the travel representatives are there to assist the travelers at all times. So, you can contact them on 7 days of the week and 24 hours a day. Talk to the team of United and finish the name change for United Airlines seamlessly.

Find the phone number and dial it to get in touch with the travel agent of United Airlines. Go ahead to provide the details that the travel expert asks for. In no time, you will receive confirmation of the name change on mail.

Method 2 – Through Affidavit

Did you get your boarding pass, and now you have to do United Airlines name correction? It can be done through the affidavit. Flyers who do not have the required documents need to submit an affidavit. Furthermore, make sure to keep a copy of the same with you.

Method 3- At the airport

In addition to the two ways mentioned above, United Airlines allows its passengers to complete the name change directly at the airport.

Individuals who need to talk to the team of this Airline and ask their questions associated with name change should rely on this way. Head to the United Airlines counter at the airport and let the travel expert know your concern. The staff member will help you in completing the name change as per the United Airlines name change policy. As soon as the changes are done, the Airline will send confirmation of the same to the registered email address.

What Are The Name Change Charges At United Airlines?

By paying the fee set up by United Airlines, travelers can successfully make corrections or changes to their booking. Refer to the points below and find out about the same-

  • First and foremost, the time of name change matters. The fee for name change varies as per the time of making the corrections.
  • Furthermore, when one requests for a name change within 24 hours and after that, the United Airlines name change fee for both situations varies.

What happens if I forget to mention my middle name?

When one makes a booking with United Airlines, it is not important to put the middle name. However, the first and last name of the passenger must be the same as that on the government-issued ID. Furthermore, don’t forget to carry the proof of identity that proves that your name is the same as that mentioned on the ticket. So, according to the United Airlines name correction policy, those who don’t enter the middle name have nothing to worry about.

Final words

Correct or change your name on the United ticket with ease. Learn about the United Airlines name change policy and find out the terms and conditions associated with it. Complete the procedure in just a few clicks and get ready for a hassle-free and seamless air travel experience.

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How Do I Change Name On United Airlines Flight Ticket?
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