Everything You Need to Know: United Delayed Flight Compensation!

Has your United flight been delayed more than 2 hours beyond its scheduled departure time? Please don’t fret, as it is common among most travelers. Sometimes, flights have been delayed due to issues with the plane, weather, etc. If you are also experiencing the same and want to claim United Airlines flight delay compensation, stay in touch with this informative article.

However, United Airlines is not bound to compensate you for the delayed flights in many cases. Luckily, in most cases, passengers can claim compensation for delayed flights. The following article contains everything you might be seeking out.

Does United Airlines compensate you for delays?

Well, United Airlines is not obliged to offer compensation for most cases. However, customers will be eligible to claim compensation for United Airlines flight delays in a few cases listed in the following post. To know how to claim compensation from the airline, you have to visit the entire post carefully.

Eligibility Criteria to Claim Compensation on United Delayed Flights!

Before claiming compensation, you should be acquainted with the conditions under which one can claim reimbursement for delayed flights. Are you also inclined to know the same? Check out the following list;

  • The flight must be delayed more than 2 hours beyond the scheduled departure time.
  • Your flight has not been delayed the uncontrolled conditions, such as
    • Bad weather
    • Air traffic control restrictions
    • Medical emergencies
    • Runway closure
    • Security risks, etc.

So, purchase United flight tickets, and claim your compensation easily if your flight is delayed for long enough.

A Brief Note on United Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation Policy!

As you may be aware, United Airlines only offers compensation for the delayed flight that was under the airline’s control. Like, if the flight has been delayed due to uncontrolled or extraordinary situations, the airline will not be bound to compensate passengers in such cases. To claim a United Airlines delayed flight refund, you have to take a glance at the following list.

  • Passengers will be entitled to claim compensation on delayed flights that the airline can monitor, such as strikes.
  • However, travelers cannot claim compensation from the airline when the flight has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather.
  • Remember that the airline only compensates in the form of travel vouchers and original forms of payment as per the United Airlines delay policy.
  • The flight has been delayed more than 2 hours beyond the scheduled departure time to get a claim on it.

Keep reading ahead to learn how to claim delayed flight compensation from United Airlines.

How Can You Claim United Flight Delay Compensation?

Do you also want to claim compensation for your delayed flight from United Airlines? Then, you first need to remember that the airline doesn’t compensate for every situation. The first condition under which one should claim United Airlines flight delay compensation is that the flight has been delayed more than 2 hours beyond the departure time.

If you have fulfilled each condition to claim United delayed flight compensation, the next step is to follow the process to claim your delayed flights. To know the procedure for claiming compensation, check out the information below.

Call the United Airlines Customer Service Agents

The most adaptable method to claim compensation is to dial the United Airlines customer service number and get a human. Once the call connects, you may take assistance from one of the airline’s agents to claim flight delays united compensation. You may also visit the United Airlines reimbursement department to get a claim on your flights.

Through the United Airlines Compensation Form

  • Firstly, launch the United Airlines official website to get United Airlines claims for delayed flights.
  • Choose the Contact Us option and enter your credentials to access the account details.
  • After that, the customer compensation form will be displayed on the screen.
  • You are required to fill out this form to claim compensation for United’s delayed flights.
  • Enter all the necessary information in the indicated fields and type in the reason for claiming compensation.
  • Your request will be processed only when the cause is valid.
  • Next, the airline will compensate via vouchers or in the original mode of payment.
  • Finally, it would help if you waited to claim compensation from the airline.

Use the United’s mobile application.

Using the United Airlines mobile application, you may also claim United Airlines flight delays today. You need to launch the mobile application and enter the login credentials to access the flight details. After that, follow the ongoing prompts to get compensation with ease.

How much can passengers claim compensation on United Delayed Flights?

As per the United Airlines flight delay compensation policy, travelers can claim up to €700 on delayed flights. Get through the following list to have a clear understanding of the same.


(in KM)

Compensation Amount (in €)

Up to 1500


1501 to 3500


More than 3500


How Do You Claim Cash Compensation on United Airlines Delayed Flights?

As you have heard, the airline only compensates through travel vouchers or the original form of payment. What if someone wants compensation in cash on United Airlines delayed baggage compensation? In such a case, you may get through the following instructions to claim reimbursement in cash.

  • Firstly, launch the airline’s official website.
  • Then, search for feedback or other service options.
  • Look for the compensation form on the airline’s homepage.
  • Next, type in all the mandatory information to proceed further.
  • Request for claiming compensation in cash.
  • Lastly, submit the form to the airline and wait for the compensation for delayed flights.


As expected, you have everything about claiming United Airlines flight delay compensation in the above post. To get solutions to other inquiries, you can call a travel agent from the airline by dialing the United Airlines customer service number 24/7. Passengers are always granted to call the airline’s representatives anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Everything You Need to Know: United Delayed Flight Compensation!
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